Monday, October 12, 2009

The world's such a small place!

you cant hide from anything! its impossible i tell you!
even to trust a person its risky, could be your best friend, your close friend, o watevr friend! its seriously a random fish in the sea!
like wat they say, wat goes around, comes around, which is true...
u tell guy no.1, u hear it back on guy no.2 as well as guy no.4...
u do good here, u get ur lucky charms back at some point,
but wat we dont realise is, expecting stuff, nevr brings anything but missery!
its true!
unless theres a will or hard work to it, but if ur just lazing ur ass off, nooope!!!!
Does it hurt a person on losing trust in their close ones?? wat do u tink?
well i think, it hurts!, as well as u learn a bloody new lesson heh?
this word here, TRUST.. dnt fool around wt em, use em only on the right person, otherwise ur just gona be swimming in ur misseries! now tht sucks! heheh
u cnt buy em, neither cn u sell em.. u just gota gain em.
And no matter wat happens, wat U do,
its not even an effort to know wat it was, cz theres voices around tht speak to our ears, basicly..
no matter wat,,, it will be revealed!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dream come True!

im like soooooo awesomelyyy HAPPYYYY!!!
I gt to drive by muahhh selfff!! ehehe
on the High Way!!!! its like sooo awesome! ehehhe
all the way on the duke highway, until back hm! ehehhe n from sogo:P
its like one of my big jump up fr me ehhehe
dnt wrryy,
ima drive to take yall out one day! ehehhe:P

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fools Deserves it All!

Evry fool desrves the concequences!
its just the only way they can learn from thier mistakes!
aint funny sometimes, maybe all of the times,
but all we can do is just say n hope they change:)
ppl who thinks their hell of a great ruining others lives,
are just asses or MOFOs who cnt keep their freeking mouth shut!

The main word here is,

aint happy with those words?
suit urself,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Side Walks or Loner Roads?

Well, based on the title, they both lead and mean to one thing..
loneliness? lost? by your self? left away?
heh, yes it does, and this kinds of feelings, just aint a taste of medicine evryone likes heh?
i think people these days should learn to see their own road, learn to judge them selves and avoid making their own foolish mistakes, cause at first, it seems darn easy, smooth, and well..
but it simply aint when you decide to let em out, or come to and end. Lifes a interesting and challenging thing in us, and its just not EASY to face em! seriously! problems problems problems!!
just too many of em! sometimes, its better to just keep somestuff to our self, to avoid our missunderstandings, n too lose our trust in the ones we care for.
Well, i think partly i have gotten myself in a situation i cnt realy handle.
i dnt noe wat to doo:P
either i put my self in or ima have to put my self out, same goes to our life,,
make the right decisions rather than making a shity one and regreting ur whole life,..
but nvr harp on the same tingg ovr n ovr again, it realy does makes u more n more fucked up,, realyy,, eheh
I see great lines out there, and im just waiting to walk on em! go through em! and live em!
it looks promising, but hell i care, i just want another happy adventure! :D
if you are evr stuck on a mile to decide which road to take, always count on ur frens opinion,
n follow ur heart! SHORTCUTS are just a short word for '' asking for trouble''..
( yall get wat i mean yea, i aint talkin bout real roads here!!) :P
hehh,, outa my mind nw, :P


Lomo Crazy!

im lomo carzzzyyy nowww heheh!!
realy realy realy wnt one now!! hehe
its up to the Diana+F or the excelent Fisheye! eheh!!
LOMO Rocks!$

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet The Gay Lords!

made in malaysia

Friends Are Friends

True freinds are the ones
That you can run too when you have tears running down you checks and cut's all over your wrists..
the true friends are the one that tell you thats it's stupid and then tell you to stop..
and hopfully if that friend is a true friend he/she will listen and now know why her best friend has ran to him/her for her help and thought's
and hopfully that friend will listen to what he/she has to tell him/her whats happening in this world we call Earth
he's/she's dying in the atmosphere she is living in..
and that's why best friends.